The company

VLVbio AB is a Swedish biotechnology company with 7 employees, situated in Nacka, Stockholm.

VLVbio combines the innovative mindset and energy of a young company, founded in 2013, with the history and built-in expertise of a Product Line invented more than a decade ago at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

VLVbio are devoted to the invention and development of the original PEVIVA Keratin 18 Biomarkers M30® and M65® for the measurement of epithelial cell death in liver disease and oncology.

Our unique products are CE-marked and used globally by hospitals, academia and industry.

Our Vision

We at VLVbio are keen on fulfilling our vision of creating a world where no patient should live with an undiagnosed liver disease, to improve peoples’ quality of life. Based on science and research from one of the world’s top Medical Science Universities and with over two decades of experience in epithelial cell death, we are today one of the market leaders in NASH diagnosis. With our knowledge and commitment, together with our stakeholders, we are driving towards a world with non-invasive techniques to identify and diagnose silent liver diseases!

Our Mission

The right to a good health is a fundamental human right. Therefore our mission is to offer and facilitate high-quality biomarker assays to detect and measure liver disease in an effective, sensitive and cost-efficient way.

We shall be where the customers need us, and always meet them with a warm, welcoming and attentive relationship.

Our Values

  • VLVbio are:
  • Inclusive – we do not differentiate between people and respect you for who you are, who you love, how you look, your religion and where you come from.

  • Friendly – we are kind, humble and always meet our colleagues, partners and customers with a smile on our faces.

  • Service minded – we want our customers and partners to be satisfied with our products and are therefore always available for questions with a solution-oriented approach.

  • Quality-focused – quality permeates our daily work and we constantly work with improvements in both operations and products to follow customers’ demands and follow applicable laws and regulations.


With a ISO 13485 Quality Management certified by BSI under certificate number MD179070 , we believe it is fundamentally important for our quality system to work as an extension of our company.

In that way, we get to know our products, understand their requirements and offer you pure quality in terms of performance and service.

VLVbio Team

Slavica Brnjic

Slavica has been with the company since the start back in 2014. With an MMSc degree in Biomedicine, as well as a PhD in oncology from the Karolinska Institute, Slavica has a solid scientific background. Having started off as the R&D manager at the company, she has developed expertise in all aspects of the company, from research and development to management and business development. Slavica rose to become the CEO of VLVbio in 2017 being a visionary leader with solid expertise and dedication to cell biology, hepatology, and biomarker development. 

Slavica Brnjic

Managing Director

Giannella Coghlan

Giannella is one of the early reqruits of VLVbio, joining the team back in 2014. With an MMSc degree in Bioentrepreneurship from the Karolinska Institute, and a multi-year experience from marketing, sales, business relationships and company expansion to new markets, Giannella is a valuable member of the VLVbio management team. 

Giannella Coghlan

Business Development Manager

Reda Elkhatib

Reda joined VLVbio 2018 after completing his MMSc in Bioentrepreneurship from the Karolinska Institute in 2017. With a background in biomedicine and business, and working in the Medical Technology sector, Reda has a solid multi-year experience from marketing and sales within Life Science and Biotech. His work is focused on customer relations and marketing both in print and digital.

Reda Elkhatib

Marketing Manager

Carolina Berglund

Carolina earned a PhD in Medicine in 2008 and has wide experience from R&D and QA/RA work spanning over fields such as Medical Devices, Life Sciences and Clinical Diagnostics. Carolina joined the VLVbio team in May 2022 and is initially managing the role as QA Manager. As a senior scientist, Carolina is also closely involved in technical matters and product development. 

Carolina Berglund

QA Manager and Senior Scientist

Fia Rolke

Fia joined the VLVbio team back in 2016, with a strong background in medical technology economics. During her time at VLVbio, Fia gained robust experience working with the company’s quality management system, ISO regulations, and other regulatory affairs as QA manager. Following her maternity leave, Fia transitioned into the role of Quality Control Manager/Laboratory Manager, leveraging her expertise to oversee the quality control processes and laboratory operations effectively.

Fia Rolke

Quality Control Manager/Laboratory Manager

Maria Sundin

Maria has a strong background in the medical technology sector, having worked with customer support in the life science industry for over a decade. Maria is a real problem solver who meets the customers with confidence and warmth. Along with working with customer service and logistics, Maria has experience working with accounting. Maria joined the VLVbio team in 2022. 

Maria Sundin

Customer Service and Logistics Manager

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