Your Liver Campaign

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Your Liver Campaign

VLVbio are proud to be a part of the 2020 Your Liver Campaign by Health Awareness UK!

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is associated with risks of cancer, transplant and even death, yet few at risk of developing the disease are aware of the implications.

“The prevalence of NAFLD has increased significantly in industrialized countries in recent decades and is now at a high level globally. This is related to the so-called Western lifestyle; fast food, lifestyle changes and reduced physical activity” says Prof. Dr. Ali Canbay.

To help fight this silent disease, using non invasive biomarkers is of utmost importance. Dr Slavica Brnjic, CEO at VLVbio says:

“One of the pressing needs in the field is to implement non-invasive and low-cost techniques for diagnosing and staging NASH. Our work at VLVbio is to spread information on the disease as well as increase the acceptance and adoption of non-invasive diagnostic techniques.”

To give rise to awareness on this global disease, we recently worked with Health Awareness on the 2020 Your Liver campaign. A printed publication was enclosed within every copy of the Guardian newspaper and the content is available online, click the link below! The campaign featured exclusive content from key thought leaders and industry voices about the various liver conditions, treatment options and the importance of early diagnosis.

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